I'm a web and mobile application developer based in Los Angeles. I provide support for everything from secure cloud hosting, iOS/Android mobile application development, full stack web application development, theme customization, site speed optimization, and building out secure network environments.

What I do

What I do

Efficient and transparent full stack development you can count on

Since 2006 I been helping small to mid-sized businesses grow their online presence by building custom web and mobile applications. I provide services from large scale full-stack web application development, iOS and Android cross platform mobile application development, fast and secure cloud hosting, front end theme customization, site speed optimization, and a bit of insight on how to operate through the use of web technology today.

Mobile App Development

Fully Native IOS/Android Cross-Platform Development

One of the top concerns when developing a new mobile application is the amount of time, team members, and finance needed to build out and maintain/update both IOS and Android applications.

Utilizing Google's cross platform UI toolkit Flutter, I build fully native custom cross-platform mobile applications using one code base. I handle the development cycle from concept to design to code. With Flutter, you are guaranteed to have a smooth pixel perfect mobile application that runs on both Android and IOS.

Web Application Development

PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, WordPress, GO, Angular, Firebase

I have 12+ years experience building out custom web applications for many types of small to mid sized businesses. I handle everything from planning and implementing server architectures, custom database schemas, UIs with front end frameworks, and clean organized back end code. My goal is to learn about your business and figure out ways technology can be used to speed up your business workflow.

Web Design Conversion

PSD to Wordpress Template or Custom HTML5/CSS3

I specialize in converting Photoshop concepts into fully functioning websites. Once you have a design laid out, I can take your design and convert it into a CMS Template or Static HTML5/CSS3, with frontend programming (Javascript/jQuery/Angular)

Web Site Speed Optimization

Site load time optimization

Got a slow site? Site load time will greatly effect your users experience, let alone your search engine creditability. I use Gtmetrix to analyze your site flaws and then re factor your code to boost your site load time. Feel free to contact me for a free evaluation and I can help optimize your website's performace

Fast and Secure Cloud Hosting

AWS Certified Virtual Dedicatied Cloud Hosting and Administration

Having your website hosted on a reliable and fast server can not only dramatically alter how fast your website loads but can also affect how well your website ranks in the search engines. I provide virtual dedicated hosting for all my clients at a discounted price which includes monthly backups so you will feel safe at night knowing your website is secure and backed up against any malicious hackers.

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