Hi! I am a freelance web developer based in Los Angeles. I specialize in custom web development for small to medium sized businesses. I provide support on everything from programming, hosting, SEO, custom application development, and mobile web development.

What I do

What I do

Efficient and transparent development you can count on

Since 2006 I been helping small to medium sized businesses maintain their online presence. I provide complete site development, hosting, SEO/marketing, and a bit of insight on how to operate through the use of web technology today. I work mainly by myself, however when needed, I also coordinate other freelance designers, coders, and online marketers on a managerial level to efficiently produce larger scale development.

Responsive Web and Mobile Development

Clean and Modern HTML5 & CSS3

Fully Custom Web Applications

Simple & Easy to use Front end UI

Web Development

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MYSQL, CodeIgniter, Joomla, Wordpress

Developing your dream website can be a wonderful experience. But it can also be challenging, especially if there's a lack of communication regarding the details of the project between the developer and the client. That's why I spend a significant amount of time with my clients, discussing the details, the necessities, and the process of each task and how each section will be developed. My goal is to reach a realistic and efficient timeline where there is no time wasted and keeping the development process transparent so there are no miscommunications. For most projects, I can have a website finished in about 2 weeks to 3 weeks depending on the depth of the details needed to be addressed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web Page Analysis, Keyword Optimization, Pay Per Click Campaign, Google Analytics

Developing a beautiful website is just the beginning, especially for a brand new online business. Having a strong presence in search engines can be a determining factor on how successful your business will be. For the last 2 years I have been studying how to get websites ranked higher and have been successful gaining control of the search engines. Contact me for a free consultation and let's get your site ranked higher. If you are in a very competitive market and have a set budget of $1500 or more per month specifically for online marketing/ppc, I recommend contacting this SEO company wpromote.

Web Design Conversion

PSD to Joomla Template or Static HTML5/CSS3

Statistics have shown, a beautiful website will not necessarily increase traffic, however it will certainly keep eyes on it longer. I specialize in converting Photoshop concepts into fully functioning websites. If you are looking for a professional logo or a custom web design layout, I highly recommend submitting your design project to 99designs.com. Once you have your design laid out, I can take your design and convert it into a CMS Template or Static HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

Web Site Speed Optimization

Site load time optimization

Got a slow site? Site load time will greatly effect your users experience, let alone your search engine creditability. I use Gtmetrix to analyze your site flaws and then re factor your code to boost your site load time.


Virtual Dedicatied Hosting, Monthly Site Backup

Having your website hosted on a reliable and fast server can dramatically alter how fast your website loads and can also affect how well your website ranks in the search engines. I provide virtual dedicated hosting for all my clients at a discounted price which includes monthly backups so you will feel safe at night knowing your website is secure and backed up against any malicious hackers.


Site Speed Optimization


Love the new hbcprotocols.com site. It's gorgeous. And, thanks a million for returning my websites back to their rightful places on page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo. It's going to be another profitable winter.

– Chris McMullen (HBC Protocols)

Leo, your work and professionalism are top notch. Your attention to detail and commitment to doing the job right is why I am always 100% confident in recommending you to anyone I know. Thank you for all your hard work.

– Christopher Damon (Damon Group)

I was looking for a web designer who could really convey our MALAIKA FOR LIFE brand message in a creative and engaging way. Leo was able to do that. He was able to extend the heart and soul of our brand to the web. He is fantastic to work with, dedicated, driven and extremely passionate about his work.

– Kristen Kenny (MalaikaForLife)

Leo, Thank you for the beautiful website! Now we finally have an online presence that will help our customer find us.

– Dan Choi (Dan's Deli)

My Portfolio

Check out some of my previous work below. If you would like to upgrade your current website or build a new one, please contact me so we can discuss it!


A list of affilates that I highly recommend to help get your web project started

authorize.net Authorize.net - If you are looking to develop an online store or a subscription based website where you will be accepting credit cards through your website, Authorize.net securely handles the capturing of the credit cards and passes this data over to your merchant account. If you currently do not have a merchant account, Authorize.net can provide a merchant account as well with competetive pricing through their third party affiliates.

BluehostBluehost - Having a virtual dedicated server can be a bit of a luxury since the monthly costs can easily be 3 times the amount of a cheap shared hosting account. For times like this, Bluehost is an excellent alternative to a full on virtual dedicated server. Their hosting account manager is easy to use, the speed of the server is faster than most, their up time is nearly 100%, and best of all, their customer support is phenomenal. I highly recommend this company if you cannot afford a virtual dedicated hosting account.

WPromoteWPromote - I provide SEO service for all my clients. However, some companies have the budget for a larger scale aggressive marketing campaign and need special attention especially in very competitive markets. For these types of situations, I recommend using a dedicated SEO and SEM company like WPromote. I believe they are the best in the business. They are full of updated information, on top of changing events in google, and provide free consultations. The results for my clients have been nothing but rewarding.

99designs99designs - Getting a great design for your website is no easy task. Searching for a great designer within your budget and praying that the person you hired is going to be able to produce a layout you are happy with can be a stressful experience. Stop wasting your time searching for your dream designer. Just go to 99designs and have professional designers from all over the world compete to produce the perfect layout for your website. Why bet on one designer when you can have a whole bunch of them designing your website?

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